Mother Orchard Blend 2021

Mother Orchard Blend 2021

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750ml bottle
Item Description:

Limited run, now sold out. Full range of Ripe Cider we stock here.

This is a full juice wild fermented sparkling dry cider, with no added sulphites, barrel aged, bottle conditioned, 8.4% abv.
This was made from apples hand picked from the Mother Orchard in the Tamar Valley, and is bottle conditioned after spending 10 months in ex Chardonnay barrels. Aromas of vanilla, oak and pear followed by flavours of juicy melon, white peach and tingling sherbet. Serve cool, but not cold, around 10c. Lovely with seafood.

Ripe Cider are natural cider makers based in St Veep, Cornwall, making full juice, wild fermented cider with absolutely nothing added - just apples and naturally occurring yeast. Before starting Ripe Cider with Georgie, Cameron  Head Brewer at Brixton Brewery. Ripe don't own any orchards yet so hand pick unwanted apples from unsprayed local orchards in return for pruning and maintenance, with the aim of helping to protect and preserve these rare habitats and produce tasty, low impact ciders. 


Allergen Information

May contain naturally occurring sulphites

Dietary Information

Vegan, Gluten Free

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