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Tonics, Mixers & Soft Drinks

We heartily recommend our collection of fabulous tonics, mixers and soft drinks, all made in the West Country either to complement our brilliant spirits or to be enjoyed on their own. Enjoy discovering this exciting range of wonderful products.


  • Melbury Farm Mulling Syrup

    Melbury Farm

    Mulling Syrup

    Freshly made mulling syrup- perfect to add to wine, cider or apple juice in the winter mulling season for a warming, festive treat. Simply made with apple juice, sugar and mixed spices, add as much or as little as you want to the drink of your choice,...
    Price: £5.50
  • Lovely Drinks Somerset Ginger Beer

    Lovely Drinks Mixers

    Somerset Ginger Beer

    Juiced ginger and not-from-concentrated lime juice gives Lovely Drinks ginger beer a natural fiery and zesty taste. An ideal mixer for a Moscow Mule - just add vodka and mint- or a Dark'n'Stormy- just add Rum and some more lime juice. Winner of a Gold...
    Price: £1.75
  • Jollys Cornwall 1896 Ginger Beer

    Jollys Cornwall 1896 Mixers

    Cornish Ginger Beer

    Crafted from a warming blend of ginger and spices, Jolly's Ginger Beer is made from Cornish spring water, infused with a kick of Cornish chillies.
    Price: £1.50
  • Jollys Cornwall 1896 Cornish Tonic Water

    Jollys Cornwall 1896 Mixers

    Cornish Tonic Water

    A refreshing tonic made with Cornish spring water. Jolly's premium Tonic Water has a sweet, full well-rounded flavour, infused with sharp citrus and a delicate light note of natural quinine. It makess the perfect partner for a quality gin.
    Price: £1.50
  • Jollys Cornwall 1896 Cornish Cola

    Jollys Cornwall 1896 Mixers

    Cornish Cola

    Cornish Cola from Jolly's has its own distinctive flavour profile using secret herbs and spices infused in Cornish Spring water. Best served over ice with a slice of lime but also an extra-special premium mixer that takes a quality spirit to the next...
    Price: £1.50
  • Sevenstones Shrub Cordial

    Sevenstones Shrub

    Citrus and Samphire Shrub Cordial

    Shrub has always been the perfect partner to Rum. The Sevenstones team have created a premium Cornish Shrub Cordial using fresh citrus fruit and local Cornish botanicals, producing in small batches. Traditionally partnered with dark rum, it's also great...
    Price: £16.00
  • Somerset Cider Brandy Company Somerset Shrubs No 2

    Somerset Cider Brandy Company

    Somerset Shrubs No 2

    A new and welcome addition to the Somerset Cider Brandy Company, Somerset Shrubs No. 2 is Somerset cider drinking vinegar. It’s freeze-distilled bittersweet apple juice with lots of fresh pressed raspberries. Great to drink as an alternative to...
    Price: £16.00
  • Luscombe Devon Tonic Water

    Luscombe Mixers

    Devon Tonic Water

    Luscombe Devon Tonic Water pairs rare Japanese yuzu with Devon spring water and the distinctive taste of Indian quinine to create a classic tonic. From the famous Luscombe estate in the West Country.
    Price: £1.25
  • Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer

    Luscombe Mixers

    Hot Ginger Beer

    Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer combines soft Devon spring water with Peruvian root ginger and Sicilian lemon to create a sparkling ginger beer mixer. From the famous Luscombe estate in the West Country. West Country fact: the Luscombe estate is mentioned in...
    Price: £2.50

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