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Medium Dry Cider

  • Hecks Dabinett Cider 500ml Bottle

    Hecks Cider

    Dabinett Cider

    Single variety cider made from the classic Somerset bittersweet cider apple discovered by William Dabinett of Somerset, this is one of the most popular varieties of cider apple, producing a consistently high quality and rounded cider. Hecks Dabinett is...
    Price: £3.25
  • Wilding Cider Dabinett, Browns and Chisel Jersey 2021 front

    Wilding Cider

    Dabinett, Browns and Chisel Jersey 2021

    Medium dry, still, rural method cider. Dabinett (55%) Browns (30%) and Chisel Jersey (15%). This is well structured with soft tannins and a full body, well balanced with just a little bit of residual sugar and ideal to drink with rich savory food - hard...
    Price: £11.50
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    Sandford Orchards Katja bottle front

    Sandford Orchards


    A crisp, modern, single variety Fine Cider, made from the dessert apple Katja. It is vibrant, light and fresh with fragrant green apple and strawberry notes and a subtle sweetness and crisp natural acidity. Undertones of melon, honeysuckle and citrus...
    Was: £13.75
    Now: £10.00
  • Sandford Orchards Shaky Bridge Bottle front

    Sandford Orchards

    Shaky Bridge

    This sparkling cider is a bittersweet blend, complex and deliciously tangy with plenty of ripe apple character. Great match with shellfish, mexican spices and hard cheeses. The main apple varieites used are Harry Masters Jersey, Browns and Kirton Fair...
    Price: £3.00
  • Sandford Orchards Devon Scrumpy Bottle front

    Sandford Orchards

    Devon Scrumpy

    This still cider is slightly cloudy and is full-bodied, bursting with character and bite. A good match for stew and chiili-con-carne if drinking with food. The main apple varieites used are Yarlington Mill, Tremletts Bitter and Sweet Coppin. Sandford...
    Price: £3.00
  • Pilton Cider Stray Dog Cafe Bottle Front

    Pilton Cider

    Stray Dog Cafe

    A blend of twelve month barrel-aged keeved cider from 2021 with naturally sweet keeved cider from the 2022 season. The addition of Brown's Apple brings refreshing acidity to complete the balance. This delightful Cider from Martin at Pilton Cider was made...
    Price: £11.00
  • Iford Cider Cloudgazer Can front

    Iford Cider


    Fresh juice wild fermented modern West Country cider. Hazy and juicy, a blend of the sweetest eating and crisp bittersweet cider apples. Lightly Sparkling.  Iford Cider is crushed on the Iford Estate just 7 miles south of Bath, near Bradford-on-Avon...
    Price: £3.50
  • Wilding Cider Autumn 2020 bottle front

    Wilding Cider

    Autumn 2020

    An easy drinking, albeit complex, cider from Wilding that didn't quite work out as originally planned. This blend featured the best Yarlington Mill of the season (Home Orchard and Ditcheat Hill) with some lovely Stoke Red from Abbot's Leigh and was...
    Price: £11.50
  • Rich's Cider Vantage medium bottle front

    Rich's Cider

    Vintage Medium

    Made from a blend of apples from Somerset orchards this Vintage cider from Rich's is golden in colour, lightly sparkling, with a fresh apple aroma. It is full bodied and displays powerful apple flavours alongside warm caramel notes, and a light tart...
    Price: £3.50
  • Pilton Cider Matt's Bike -front

    Pilton Cider

    Matt's Bike

    Six month smokey barrel aged keeved cider. A briny sea blast through the smouldering embers of an orchard peat fire. Confident rounded tannins, soft delicate fruity sweetness and mature acidity on the finish. This batch of keeved cider was spotted as...
    Price: £11.00
  • Perrys Cider Barn Owl

    Perrys Cider

    Barn Owl

    Barn Owl cider from Perry is a crisp and refreshing farmhouse cider that combines natural ferments, wild yeasts and traditional apple varieties. A medium dry lightly sparkling cider. Perrys Cider was founded at their Somerset Farm in 1920 and is still...
    Price: £3.50
  • Smith Hayne Method Traditionelle 2021 bottle front

    Smith Hayne Cider

    Methode Traditionelle 2021

    Fine sparkling cider made using the champagne method. Yellow citrus and green apple flavours, delicious as an aperitif or with food. Made from a blend of apples (Harry Masters Jerseys 27% Dabinett 16% Michelin 15% Falstaff 14% Browns 12% Tremletts Bitter...
    Price: £15.00
  • Southdown Cider Premium Dry 500ml bottle front

    Southdown Cider

    Premium Dry

    A traditional still Somerset Cider, blended from a selection of Somerset traditional cider apple varieties. Perfectly balanced, complex and rounded with a lovely level of tannin, coming out as Dry/Medium-Dry. Southdown Cider are a small artisan cider...
    Price: £3.25
  • Wilding Cider Eastwood Manor 2021  bottle front

    Wilding Cider

    Eastwood Manor 2021

    A light cropping year overall in 2021 led Wilding to do some orchard explorations around their local area, Chew Valley in North Somerset. They discovered some beautiful fruit in this young traditional orchard to produce this very drinkable cider. The...
    Price: £12.50
  • Temple Cider Millie's Magic- front

    Temple Cider

    Millie's Magic

    Millie’s Magic is a well-balanced, subtly sweetened and moreish cider with a tannic finish, and is lightly sparkling. Made from traditional bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples (Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Stoke Red) and a variety of...
    Price: £3.25
  • Honeys Cider Midford Unrefined Cider front

    Honeys Cider

    Midford Cider

    Medium dry, bright, sparkling and multi award winning cider. The apples used are all classic West Country cider varieties, combined with a small proportion of eating and cooking apples to balance and round out the flavour. Honey’s Cider was started...
    Price: £3.25
  • Worleys Cider Red Hen

    Worleys Cider

    Red Hen

    Red Hen by Worleys Cider is a medium-dry, slightly sparkling cider with good tannin and a spicy finish. Best served chilled, Red Hen is a blend of early-season cider apple varieties from some of South Somerset's finest orchards. Freshly pressed juice is...
    Price: £3.50
  • Pilton Cider Somerset Keeved

    Pilton Cider


    This distinctive medium dry award-winning sparkling cider from Pilton is made in Somerset, England by the artisan method of keeving. Fresh bittersweet cider apples are partially fermented to produce a naturally medium cider without sweetening or...
    Price: £8.75

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