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  • Wiper and True Low Alcohol Kaleidoscope 440ml can front

    Wiper and True Beer

    Low Alcohol Kaleidoscope

    An uncompromising take on Wiper and True's flagship pale ale, Kaleidoscope. Made with a trio of hops (Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic), creating a refreshing kaleidoscope of bright citrus and vibrant fruit flavours, balanced with a clean bitterness. Low-alcohol...
    Price: £3.75
  • Wiper and True Tomorrow Low Alcohol lager 440ml can front

    Wiper and True Beer

    Tomorrow Low Alcohol Lager

    Wiper and True’s delicious easy-drinking low-alcohol lager. Using cutting edge technology, Wiper and True gently remove the alcohol from this traditional German style lager, preserving the complex flavour profile. Save yourself for tomorrow!...
    Price: £3.25
  • Elston & Son Alcohol Free Beer Hamper

    Elston & Son

    Alcohol Free Beer Hamper

    This Alcohol Free Beer Hamper uses Clearhead by Bristol Beer Factory as the centrepoint for the hamper- an absolutely great Alcohol Free Beer, probably the best we have tasted. The hamper also comes with super tasty West Country Artisan snacks to make a...
    Price: £27.50
  • Bristol Beer Factory Clear Head

    Bristol Beer Factory

    Clear Head

    Two of the best US hops, Citra and Mosaic are combined to give Clear Head plenty of punch. Flavours of sharp citrus, apple and stone fruits shine through and to give this beer great body. The brewer also has added lactose for a subtle smooth creamy...
    Price: £2.75

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