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Sweet Cider

  • Sheppey's Cider Winter Spiced Cider 75cl front

    Sheppys Cider

    Winter Spiced Cider

    A festive mulled cider with pelnty of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Perfect for when the nights are dark and chilly, great for festive gatherings or after a chilly walk. Warming and lush. Sheppy's have been making cider for more than 200 years in...
    Price: £6.25
  • Rawlins Family Cider Keeved Yarlington Cider 750ml bottle front

    Rawlins Family Cider

    Keeved Yarlington

    Keeved and then disgorged to produce a sparkling fine cider with natural sweetness. Left over the cold winter months to slowly ferment, and bottled just before fermentation is complete to give a naturally sparkling cider. Notes of caramel and tropical...
    Price: £12.50
  • Rawlins Family Sweet Cider 500ml bottle front

    Rawlins Family Cider

    Rawlins Sweet

    Traditional still sweet cider. Fruity, tropical and easy drinking. The Rawlins Family have been making cider for generations and started pressing cider commercially in 2012, still using the traditional methods that have been used in Somerset for hundreds...
    Price: £3.25
  • Severn Cider Sweet Sparkling front

    Severn Cider

    Sweet Sparkling

    A delicious and refreshing sweet sparkling cider, this award winning whole juice cider is a careful blend of traditional cider apples selected from local orchards and fermented on Severn Cider's wild yeast to give the cider roundness and depth of flavour...
    Price: £3.75
  • Ridge and Furrow Cider Bottle Conditioned Naturally Sweet Cider

    Ridge and Furrow Cider

    Bottle Conditioned Naturally Sweet Cider

    This bottle conditioned cider is hand bottled unfiltered and unpasteurised shortly before the gentle natural wild fermentation is complete. The result is a complex, naturally sparkling fine cider which balances the tannin, acidity, and unfermented sugars...
    Price: £8.75
  • Somerset Cider Brandy Company Ice Cider 50cl bottle front

    Somerset Cider Brandy Company

    Somerset Ice Cider

    Somerset Cider Brandy Company’s Ice Cider is made by freezing freshly pressed apple juice, and then removing the ice which leaves the remaining juice stronger with more intensive flavours. This juice is then fermented, creating a rich, sweet ice...
    Price: £18.50
  • Wilding Cider Stoke Red 2

    Wilding Cider

    Stoke Red 2

    Stoke Red is an apple of exceptional qualities which makes a fine single variety cider. The apples for this cider came from a from a beautiful old orchard in Ditcheat. This has a savoury, structured character with tension in balance of tannin, acid and...
    Price: £13.75
  • Ridge and Furrow Cider Naturally Sweet 500ml bottle front

    Ridge and Furrow Cider

    Naturally Sweet

    This is a great, award winning cider. Its naturally sweet with no added water or sugar. As no water or sugar is added, the ABV of each batch will depend on the sugar levels of the apples at harvest. Awarded Platinum at Food & Drink Devon 2023 as well...
    Price: £3.50
  • Liberty Fields Dessert Cider bottle front

    Liberty Fields

    Dessert Cider

    Liberty Fields Dessert Cider is a beauty! It is a dark, very appley drink with a mouthfeel of a Port or a Pedro Ximinez sherry. It is rich and sweet, like baked apples in a glass. Serve with a plate of cheese or dessert, or mix to make fantastic...
    Price: £14.50
  • Rich's Cider Mulled Cider 75cl bottle front

    Rich's Cider

    Mulled Cider

    Made from a blend of cider with sugar and spices and all things nice, perfect for warming up and serving in the cold winter months, and ideal for festive gatherings or after a long walk in front of a fire. Rich's Cider were established back in 1954, and...
    Price: £6.25
  • Pilton Cider Tamoshanta 22 bottle front

    Pilton Cider

    Tamoshanta 22

    Here's the season 22 Tamoshanta but with a bold new look, reflecting the Scottish connection. As before, this cider undertakes part of its fermentation in recently emptied whisky barrels and is bottled when it is still fresh and fruity. Soft fruity...
    Price: £9.50
  • Hecks Cider Keeved Dunkertons Late Sweet

    Hecks Cider

    Keeved Dunkertons Late Sweet

    A traditional-style, keeved, medium-sweet cider made from fresh fruit by Hecks Cider of Somerset. Dunkerton's Late Sweet originated in Baltonsborough near Glastonbury in the 1940s and the fruit was picked from orchards believed to contain some of the...
    Price: £8.75

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