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Goat Cheese

  • White Lake Cheese Michael's Mount Goat Cheese Side

    White Lake Cheese

    Michaels Mount

    Made with a rich unpasteurised goat’s milk, this is a soft lactic cheese with a delicately fresh flavour when young, becoming more robust with age. Great addition to a cheese board, and works well with a sweet chutney to compliments its strong and...
    Price: £7.00
  • White Lake Cheese Rachel

    White Lake Cheese


    Rachel is White Lake's most well-known cheese. Having won multiple awards over the years, including Gold Awards at the World Cheese Awards 2019/2020 and 2 Star Great Taste Award 2019, it's rather obvious why. Rachel is not your typical goats cheese. It...
    Price: £9.00
  • White Lake Cheese Eve

    White Lake Cheese


    Eve is a beautifully soft goat's cheese, washed in Somerset Cider Brandy and wrapped in a vine leaf, this helps the cheese develop a soft paste and adds to a wonderful, more nuttier flavour. Eve is so strikingly beautiful, it is the perfect addition to...
    Price: £8.50
  • White Lake Cheese Driftwood

    White Lake Cheese


    Driftwood is a beautifully creamy and soft textured cheese from White Lake. Made with unpasteurised goat's milk and vegetarian rennet, dusted in ash, with a geotrichum rind with subtle peppery and earthy undertones and boasting citrus notes. This...
    Price: £10.00

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