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  • Bristol Beer Factory Clear Head

    Bristol Beer Factory

    Clear Head

    Two of the best US hops, Citra and Mosaic are combined to give Clear Head plenty of punch. Flavours of sharp citrus, apple and stone fruits shine through and to give this beer great body. The brewer also has added lactose for a subtle smooth creamy...
    Price: £2.75
  • Ridge and Furrow Cider Medium Cider  500ml bottle front

    Ridge and Furrow Cider

    Medium Cider

    Ridge and Furrow Medium is a lovely, rounded, easy drinking cider. It is made completely naturally with no added water or sugar,. As no water or sugar is added, the ABV of each batch will depend on the sugar levels of the apples at harvest, this latest...
    Price: £3.50
  • Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company Cheddar Cheese Straws

    Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

    Cheddar Cheese Straws

    Handmade in Somerset using their own mature Cheddar cheese and all-butter pastry. Delicious as they are or warmed up in the oven. What a treat!
    Price: £5.50
  • Temple Cider Kingston Black 500ml bottle front

    Temple Cider

    Kingston Black 2021

    Dry and delicious, this Kingston Black is a very special, still cider - a full bodied, disinctive, single variety cider. It is unfiltered, and has been fermented with wild yeasts. The classic Kingston Black is a famous bittersharp cider apple that is...
    Price: £3.25
  • Wicked Wolf  Gin Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin

    Wicked Wolf Gin

    Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin

    The award-winning Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin uses the combination of 11 exotic botanicals producing complex layers of citrus and pepper notes finely balanced with the distinct flavours of juniper and coriander. Hibiscus, lemongrass, cardamom and kaffir lime...
    Price: £23.00 - £39.00
  • Ridge and Furrow Cider Naturally Sweet 500ml bottle front

    Ridge and Furrow Cider

    Naturally Sweet

    This is a great, award winning cider. Its naturally sweet with no added water or sugar. As no water or sugar is added, the ABV of each batch will depend on the sugar levels of the apples at harvest. Awarded Platinum at Food & Drink Devon 2023 as well...
    Price: £3.50
  • Temple Cider Whisky Barrel Aged- front

    Temple Cider

    Whisky Barrel Aged Cider

    Carefully aged in whisky barrels for 3 months, this is a smooth, dry cider with a subtle but distinctive whisky finish. Made from the same traditional bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples as Milo’s Magic, but combined in a slightly different...
    Price: £3.25
  • Bollhayes Cider Still Dry Cider

    Bollhayes Cider

    Still Dry Cider

    This still cider is made using the same apples (Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Browns, Kingston Black, Chisel Jersey and Bramley) as go into their famous bottle fermented 'cousins', but only undergoing the single fermentation. Wild yeasts are used for the...
    Price: £3.25
  • Elston & Son November Cider Box - 5 bottles and 1 can of West Country Cider

    Elston & Son

    November Cider Box

    Here's our mixed West Country Cider box for November. It features a great selection of West Country Ciders (and one Perry!) for those cold dark evenings, with the nights closing in and December just around the corner... Our Monthly Cider Box is a...
    Price: £19.00
  • Showerings Triple Vintage Cider Front

    Showerings Cider

    Showerings Triple Vintage

    Made from three vintages from a single orchard. Principally late season Dabinetts, an aromatic Somerset variety, rich in tannins, considered the premier Cider apple. Grown in award-winning orchards less than 7 miles from our Cider Mill in Shepton Mallet,...
    Price: £4.00
  • Burrow Hill Cider Burrow Hill Sparkling Cider

    Burrow Hill Cider

    Burrow Hill Sparkling Cider

    This sparkling cider from Burrow Hill is a really lovely expression of the fruit and the orchards that it came from. A refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that’s a blend of at least eleven varieties of vintage apples.  A moreish, complex and...
    Price: £3.50
  • Honeys Cider Stony Bonk

    Honeys Cider

    Stoney Bonk

    Fantastic Blend of Cider and Ginger Beer. Perfectly blended to give that slight heat and gingeryness without detracting from the amazing taste of Midford Cider. Delicious warmed through like mulled cider, or cold straight out of the fridge, Stoney Bonk...
    Price: £3.75
  • Burrow Hill Cider Bus Cider- front

    Burrow Hill Cider

    Cider Bus

    The Somerset Cider bus has been making the pilgramage to Glastonbury Festival for the last 45 + years. Parked up near the Pyramid Stage, it serves farm pressed Somerset cider to the thirsty Glastonbury hordes. The Cider Bus cider is a refreshing medium...
    Price: £3.50
  • Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout

    Bristol Beer Factory

    Milk Stout

    This awarding-winning smooth creamy stout is packed full of history and body. Its smooth chocolate sweetness is balanced with notes of coffee and stone fruit. It is gluten-free and has a 4.5% ABV. The Bristol Beer Factory was established in 2004 to...
    Price: £3.50
  • Bristol Beer Factory Independence

    Bristol Beer Factory


    This infamous pale ale from the Bristol Beer Factory uses the best of American hops on a solid malt platform. It's double dry-hopped to max-out those American hops in every sip. It uses Citra, Mosaic and Nugget hops and is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and...
    Price: £3.75
  • Severn Cider Dry Sparkling front

    Severn Cider

    Dry Sparkling

    This award winning whole juice cider is a careful blend of traditional cider apples selected from local orchards to give the cider roundness and depth of flavour. It is a crisp and full flavour dry sparkling cider, very refreshing on the palate. The...
    Price: £3.75
  • Burrow Hill Cider Burrow Hill Sparkling Perry

    Burrow Hill Cider

    Burrow Hill Sparkling Perry

    A dry and delicate perry made from pears grown in the Burrow Hill Somerset orchards. This gold-coloured perry is on the honeyed end of the perry spectrum, it's light, fresh honey and not super complex but that's not the point, it is a lovely and fresh...
    Price: £3.75
  • Hecks Rock & Gin Keeved Perry Bottle Front

    Hecks Cider

    Rock & Gin Keeved Perry

    Made with a blend of 2 varieties of pears, both renowned for producing high quality Perry, this a fruity, full bodied Perry. The ancient method of keeving is a way to produce a naturally sweet Cider or Perry by causing the fermentation to stop early by...
    Price: £8.75
  • Colwith Farm Distillery Avol Dor Cornish Vodka

    Colwith Farm Distillery

    Aval Dor Cornish Vodka

    Aval Dor Cornish Vodka is a world class Vodka - soft and clean with sweet, creamy vanilla undertones. Crafted in small batches from the farm's delicious Cornish potatoes, this vodka is distilled forty-times before being blended with mineral water lifted...
    Price: £27.50 - £39.00
  • Hecks Cider Original

    Harrys Cider

    Original Dry

    Harry’s Original Cider from Somerset is a blend of bitter sweet apples. Dry, and lightly sparkling with beautifully balanced flavours, and just the right amount of tannin and a long clean finish. As a craft cider maker Harry’s produces single...
    Price: £3.50
  • Lovely Drinks Somerset Ginger Beer

    Lovely Drinks Mixers

    Somerset Ginger Beer

    Juiced ginger and not-from-concentrated lime juice gives Lovely Drinks ginger beer a natural fiery and zesty taste. An ideal mixer for a Moscow Mule - just add vodka and mint- or a Dark'n'Stormy- just add Rum and some more lime juice. Winner of a Gold...
    Price: £1.75
  • Utopian Brewing Unfiltered British Lager

    Utopian Brewing

    Unfiltered British Lager

    This unfiltered version of Utopian’s British lager is influenced by the Bavarian Helles style, but brewed solely with the finest, British grown malted barley and hops. A slow, low temperature fermentation followed by a long cold conditioning, gives...
    Price: £2.75
  • Somerset Cider Brandy Company Somerset Pomona

    Somerset Cider Brandy Company

    Somerset Pomona

    This Somerset Pomona from the Somerset Brandy Cider Company makes an exceptional digestif and is an ideal accompaniment to a cheese board. Black tea in colour with tasting notes of sophisticated complex apples with honeysuckle and a hint of almond. It is...
    Price: £17.00
  • Jollys Cornwall 1896 Ginger Beer

    Jollys Cornwall 1896 Mixers

    Cornish Ginger Beer

    Crafted from a warming blend of ginger and spices, Jolly's Ginger Beer is made from Cornish spring water, infused with a kick of Cornish chillies.
    Price: £1.50
  • Elston & Son Make Your Own Hamper

    Elston & Son

    Make Your Own Hamper

    Create Your Own Hamper: choose your box size, then choose the West Country Artisan Food & Drink you want included, and we'll pack it beautifully for you including a handwritten gift message. Follow these simple steps to Make Your Own Hamper: Step 1-...
    Price: £2.50 - £6.00
  • Hecks Cider Kingston Black

    Hecks Cider

    Kingston Black

    The Kingston Black cider apple arose in Somerset in the late 19th century and produces here a cider that is classic in appearance, taste and strength. It is copper coloured, rounded, almost velvety in texture and is full of flavour. The Hecks family have...
    Price: £3.25
  • Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer

    Luscombe Mixers

    Hot Ginger Beer

    Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer combines soft Devon spring water with Peruvian root ginger and Sicilian lemon to create a sparkling ginger beer mixer. From the famous Luscombe estate in the West Country. West Country fact: the Luscombe estate is mentioned in...
    Price: £2.25
  • Utopian Brewing British Premium Lager

    Utopian Brewing

    British Premium Lager

    Utopian’s signature premium British lager is influenced by the Bavarian Helles style, but just like all Utopian beers, it has been brewed solely with the finest, British-grown malted barley and hops. A slow, low temperature fermentation followed by...
    Price: £2.75
  • Perrys Cider Puffin

    Perrys Cider


    A small batch cider, once the apples are pressed, the resulting juice has been left to mature in the wood before final conditioning in the bottle. The result is a full-bodied naturally sparkling cider, complete with sediment. Perrys Cider was founded at...
    Price: £3.75
  • Elston and Son Cider Hamper on Elston & Son board

    Elston & Son

    Cider Hamper

    Our Cider hamper shows off some of the best artisan and farmhouse ciders from the West Country with some ideal eating and snacking partners and makes a great gift for cider lovers and novices alike, or to give yourself an indulgent treat. This hamper...
    Price: £42.00
  • Hecks Farmhouse Vintage Dry

    Hecks Cider

    Farmhouse Vintage Dry

    Produced from traditional local Somerset Cider apples, this blend is nicely dry with no residual sweetness, just well balanced and extremely enjoyable, with plenty of tannin at the end. Awarded Silver at the British Cider Championship at Bath and West...
    Price: £3.25
  • Somerset Cider Brandy Morello Cherry Liqueur

    Somerset Cider Brandy Company

    Morello Cherry Liqueur

    Somerset Apple Eau de Vie infused with Somerset Morello cherries. Rich and fragrant with a hint of almonds, and a lingering fruity finish. Good after dinner, in cocktails or served over ice cream. For over thirty years Julian Temperley and The Somerset...
    Price: £16.50
  • Worleys Cider Red Hen

    Worleys Cider

    Red Hen

    Red Hen by Worleys Cider is a medium-dry, slightly sparkling cider with good tannin and a spicy finish. Best served chilled, Red Hen is a blend of early-season cider apple varieties from some of South Somerset's finest orchards. Freshly pressed juice is...
    Price: £3.50
  • Dowdings Cider Tower Brue Cider Dry bottle front

    Dowdings Cider

    Tower Brue Cider Dry

    Named Tower Brue because of the panoramic views across open farmland to King Alfred’s Tower from the orchards, and a tributary to the River Brue that runs alongside, this dry sparkling cider is a blend using Yarlington Mill, Sweet Coppin, Dabinett,...
    Price: £3.25
  • Temple Cider Milo's Magic- front

    Temple Cider

    Milo's Magic

    Milo’s Magic (named after one of Temple Cider's rescue dogs) is a well-balanced, easy-drinking cider that is dry and lightly sparkling cider. Made from a blend of traditional bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples (Yarlington Mill, Kingston...
    Price: £3.25
  • Gyle 59 Beer Capitalist Hippie Far out

    Gyle 59 Beer

    Capitalist Hippie Far Out NEIPA

    This beer is a New England style IPA with a long bitter finish from the artisan Gyle brewery in Dorset. Made with only Maris Otter malt, the strong grapefruit, orange and floral notes from Cascade, Amarillo and Chinook hops are allowed to shine through...
    Price: £3.75
  • Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

    Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

    Dorset Blue Vinny

    A famous West Country cheese that’s genuinely a farmhouse cheese. The Davies family have been making Dorset Blue Vinny at Woodbridge Farm for almost 40 years. Dorset Blue Vinny takes over 24 hours to make. Each morning, they use fresh milk from...
    Price: £5.50
  • Pilton Cider Somerset Keeved

    Pilton Cider


    This distinctive medium dry award-winning sparkling cider from Pilton is made in Somerset, England by the artisan method of keeving. Fresh bittersweet cider apples are partially fermented to produce a naturally medium cider without sweetening or...
    Price: £8.75
  • Hecks Cider Porters Perfection

    Hecks Cider

    Porters Perfection

    Porter's Perfection cider from Hecks is a dry but very light and fruity cider that is unusually pale in colour. Porter's Perfection is Andrew Hecks favourite cider apple - as featured in our blog article on Hecks here. The Hecks family have been making...
    Price: £3.25
  • Somerset Cider Brandy Company Somerset Kingston Black Aperitif

    Somerset Cider Brandy Company

    Kingston Black Aperitif

    A legend in the apple orchards of the West Country. This Kingston Black Aperitif from the Somerset Cider Brandy Company is a blend of cider brandy and the juice of one of the finest and rarest of vintage cider apples. Hazel in colour, clean and fresh on...
    Price: £14.50
  • Hecks Cider Keeved Dunkertons Late Sweet

    Hecks Cider

    Keeved Dunkertons Late Sweet

    A traditional-style, keeved, medium-sweet cider made from fresh fruit by Hecks Cider of Somerset. Dunkerton's Late Sweet originated in Baltonsborough near Glastonbury in the 1940s and the fruit was picked from orchards believed to contain some of the...
    Price: £8.75
  • Jollys Cornwall 1896 Cornish Cola

    Jollys Cornwall 1896 Mixers

    Cornish Cola

    Cornish Cola from Jolly's has its own distinctive flavour profile using secret herbs and spices infused in Cornish Spring water. Best served over ice with a slice of lime but also an extra-special premium mixer that takes a quality spirit to the next...
    Price: £1.50
  • Sevenstones Shrub Cordial

    Sevenstones Shrub

    Citrus and Samphire Shrub Cordial

    Shrub has always been the perfect partner to Rum. The Sevenstones team have created a premium Cornish Shrub Cordial using fresh citrus fruit and local Cornish botanicals, producing in small batches. Traditionally partnered with dark rum, it's also great...
    Price: £16.00
  • Worleys Special Reserve Keeved Cider

    Worleys Cider

    Special Reserve Keeved Cider

    Worleys Special Reserve is made from 100% pure cider apple juice using the ancient art of keeving. This creates a naturally lightly sparkling cider of outstanding fruity character with subtle undertones of caramel. It has sweetness and rounded tannins...
    Price: £8.50
  • Temple Cider Yarlington Mill - front

    Temple Cider

    Yarlington Mill Cider

    This Yarlington Mill cider from Temple Cider is a dry, light and refreshing cider that is very moreish, and is is lightly sparkling. A true single variety made from 100% freshly pressed Yarlington Mill apples with no other varieties involved...
    Price: £3.25
  • Elston and Son Gin Miniatures Hamper on Elston & Son Board

    Elston & Son

    Gin Miniatures Hamper

    Our Gin Miniatures Hamper makes an ideal gift for a Gin lover. It features 5 different Gins from the West Country alongside 3 Tonic Waters and some gorgeous snacks, all from the West Country.  All of our Hampers come beautifully packaged. Each...
    Price: £43.00
  • Lynher Dairies Cornish Yarg

    Lynher Dairies

    Cornish Yarg

    Cornish Yarg from Lynher Dairies is a nettle wrapped semi hard cheese made from grass rich Cornish milk. Tangy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core, it consistently wins top international awards. The leaves, which attract naturally...
    Price: £5.75
  • Hecks Morgan Sweet Cider Bottle

    Hecks Cider

    Morgan Sweet

    A traditional single variety cider from Hecks cider in Street, Somerset. Morgan's Sweet is an early apple and produces a refreshing and light coloured cider. Morgan's Sweet was originally bred in Somerset in the 18th Century and once common throughout...
    Price: £3.25
  • Honeys Cider Midford Unrefined Cider front

    Honeys Cider

    Midford Cider

    Medium dry, bright, sparkling and multi award winning cider. The apples used are all classic West Country cider varieties, combined with a small proportion of eating and cooking apples to balance and round out the flavour. Honey’s Cider was started...
    Price: £3.25
  • Perrys Cider Grey Heron

    Perrys Cider

    Grey Heron

    A single orchard cider, pressed from the very best Redstreak and Dabinett apples grown at the Knowle St Giles orchard. This well balanced, sparkling, sweet cider is bottled young to keep its sweet fruity taste. Perrys Cider was founded at their Somerset...
    Price: £3.50
  • Hecks Cider Slack Ma Girdle

    Hecks Cider

    Slack Ma Girdle

    We love this name almost as much as we love this cider. A wine-like cider that's fruity on the nose with an intriguing walnut aftertaste. The Hecks family have been making traditional farmhouse cider in Somerset for six generations, since 1841. In 1896,...
    Price: £3.25
  • Harrys Cider Dabinett

    Harrys Cider

    Dabinett SV

    A medium, lightly sparkling cider from Somerset, Harry’s Dabinett Cider is a single variety apple that is fermented and then back sweetened with juice. Big fruity aroma and flavours very silky on the palate with a soft tannic finish. As a craft...
    Price: £3.50
  • Lost and Grounded Brewers Helles

    Lost and Grounded Brewers


    Gentle and balanced, Helles exemplifies everything the Lost and Grounded Brewers aim to achieve as lager brewers. Soft, bready, and floral, it uses the same pilsner malt blend as Keller Pils, and is gently hopped with Magnum, Perle and Tettnang...
    Price: £3.25
  • Utopian Brewing Ten Degrees-Czechia 10° Style Session Lager

    Utopian Brewing

    Ten Degrees-Czechia 10° Style Session Lager

    Influenced by the classical most popular Czechia style lager, the Utopian Brewery’s take on the 10° style uses a double decoction mash to produce considerably more body and flavour typical of a sub 4% lager. Easy drinking fresh but full of...
    Price: £2.50
  • Rich's Cider Vantage medium bottle front

    Rich's Cider

    Vintage Medium

    Made from a blend of apples from Somerset orchards this Vintage cider from Rich's is golden in colour, lightly sparkling, with a fresh apple aroma. It is full bodied and displays powerful apple flavours alongside warm caramel notes, and a light tart...
    Price: £3.50
  • Worleys Cider Beatnik Billy

    Worleys Cider

    Beatnik Billy

    Beatnik Billy is a lightly sparkling medium-sweet cider from Worley's Cider. Made from light, sharp juice this sweet cider comes across as an Eastern England style cider or a white wine. Light and relatively low-ABV, with bags of fruit and mellow...
    Price: £3.50
  • Perrys Cider Barn Owl

    Perrys Cider

    Barn Owl

    Barn Owl cider from Perry is a crisp and refreshing farmhouse cider that combines natural ferments, wild yeasts and traditional apple varieties. A medium dry lightly sparkling cider. Perrys Cider was founded at their Somerset Farm in 1920 and is still...
    Price: £3.50
  • Iford Cider Cloudgazer Can front

    Iford Cider


    Fresh juice wild fermented modern West Country cider. Hazy and juicy, a blend of the sweetest eating and crisp bittersweet cider apples. Lightly Sparkling.  Iford Cider is crushed on the Iford Estate just 7 miles south of Bath, near Bradford-on-Avon...
    Price: £3.50
  • Gyle 59 Beer Nettle IPA- front

    Gyle 59 Beer

    Nettle IPA

    This beer was inspired by the International Nettle Eating Championship held just down the road from the brewery. It's a refreshing IPA, with citrus fruits and floral aroma with a hint of nettle and a long bitter finish. The Gyle 59 Brewery makes...
    Price: £3.50
  • Goodh Brewery Co Falifornia

    Goodh Brewing Co.


    An easy drinking pale ale featuring locally grown Cornish hops. Smooth to drink with balanced bitterness and notes of citrus & pine. Falifornia is Goodh’s flagship brew, and is a nod to US west coast IPA in style and name, mixing Cornwall and...
    Price: £2.75

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