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The Beast

The Beast

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50cl bottle
Item Description:

Limited edition, now sold out and none left at Wicked Wolf. Full range of Wicked Wolf we stock here.

This Limited Edition Gin was created to celebrate the folklore surrounding the Beast of Exmoor (aka the Exmoor Beast), said to be a phantom cat that roams the moors and fields of Exmoor. The gin incorporates Exmoor Ales dark porter Exmoor Beast, blood orange, szechuan peppercorns, sea buckthorn, wolfberry, cocoa nibs, coriander and juniper. The Beast opens in the mouth with a fresh crisp juniper and spicy coriander, developing into the tangy citrus of blood orange, sea buckthorn and szechuan peppercorns. The finish is subtle hints of wolfberry and Exmoor Beast dark porter, all wrapped up in the velvety smooth mouth feel of cocoa.

Produced at 66.6% abv, it has been slow distilled to capture more of the essential oils from the botanicals. When mixed with a premium tonic , it releases essential oils delivering more flavour and producing a cloudy appearance.

Wicked Wolf Gin is an award-winning distillery run by husband and wife team Julie and Pat. They are based in the middle of Lorna Doone country in North Devon on Exmoor, and create their amazing small-batch spirits by the banks of the River Lyn. They produce the premium spirits by individually distilling each botanical very slowly to capture their full flavour before skilfully blending to create their unique Gins and Vodka. Read more about Wicked Wolf in our Blog here.


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