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FireShip 58

FireShip 58

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20cl or 70cl bottle
Item Description:

Fire Ships were used in 17th century naval warfare, and were wooden ships packed with combustibles and gunpowder, set alight and steered whilst ablaze into the enemy fleet!

FireShip 58 is Thunderflower's Navy Strength Gin, with an ABV of 58%. Distilled in small batches in the London Dry method using vapour infusion to extract a complex, full-bodied flavour from our blend of botanicals from around the world, FireShip 58 is not just a stronger version of Thunderflower Gin, but an entirely new recipe. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the distiller. 

FireShip 58 has been awarded GOLD and also BEST ENGLISH NAVY GIN at the World Gin Awards 2023. In addition FireShip 58 was awarded the Gin Guide Industry Choice Award which is nominated by Industry Experts as the most impressive and enjoyable gin in 2021.

Thunderflower Gins are award-winning, small-batch, contemporary craft gins made in the London Dry method with botanical flavours extracted by vapour infusion, distilled and bottled by hand in small batches at their nano-distillery in Devon.



Dietary Information

Vegan, Gluten Free

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