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Fine Tuned Brewery

  • Fine Tuned Brewery Hop Culture- front

    Fine Tuned Brewery

    Hop Culture

    Hop Culture has been powerfully hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops, the bitterness from the hops balanced with sweetness from the malts. Created by Pav, the brewer, for your hoppiness. Fine Tuned...
    Price: £3.75
  • Fine Tuned Brewery Sunshine Reggae Pale Ale- front

    Fine Tuned Brewery

    Sunshine Reggae Pale Ale

    This Pale Ale is true to the style of an American Pale Ale. Pav, the brewer, created this super easy drinking, sessionable beer using a combination of Challenger and Cascade hops and it has become a...
    Price: £3.25
  • Fine Tuned Brewery Langport Bitter- front

    Fine Tuned Brewery

    Langport Bitter

    A traditional bitter, using only English hops and malts, brewed for the real ale connoisseur. Pav, the brewer, named it after the town where it all started for him, Langport, the Heart of the...
    Price: £3.00

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