Cornish Kern

Cornish Kern

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Crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards 2017, Kern is a hard farmhouse cheese with a rich buttery taste and caramel notes. It was originally derived from a Gouda style cheese, and is made with the superbly rich Cornish milk from Lynher Dairies own herd of Ayrshires. A nutty Alpine starter culture is added, and the cheese is pressed into 4kg moulds. The finished cheeses are left to mature for twenty to twenty four months.

Interestingly Kern means round in Cornish. Lynher Dairies is a small rural dairy based near Truro, producing award winning cheeses.

Typical Values
100g contains
1723(kj), 412(kcal)
of which saturates
of which sugars

Cows Milk, Salt, Nettle Leaves, DVI Starter Culture, Animal Rennet, Calcium, Penicillin Candidum,

Allergen Information

Contains Milk

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