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750ml bottle
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Ortgeard is something special. Wildling planted thier own small orchard nestled on a steep slope overlooking the Haldon hills nearly 10 years ago. It has just started to produce fruit (this is a long game!) and this is the first proper cider from the orchard. The cider is dry, with a faint hint of sparkle. Fermented on wild yeasts and then left to develop in the bottle, with no added sugar. Ortgeard is the old English word for Orchard, giving their young orchard a name to grow into.

Wildling cider is a tiny business making small batch cider using heritage apples from a variety of orchards on the edge of Dartmoor. Tjhey particualry love gnarled old trees and fermenting on natural yeasts. The weather, local microclimate and which trees are fruiting, dictates what they pick from year to year, making each year unique.



Allergen Information

May contain naturally occurring sulphites

Dietary Information

Vegan, Gluten Free

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