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Yarlington Mill Michelin Keeved 2021

Yarlington Mill Michelin Keeved 2021

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750ml bottle
Item Description:

A lovely easy drinking cider, with a bright and attractive colour and soft, fine bubbles. The juice has been keeved to produce a naturally medium-sweet cider and then bottle fermented using only the wild yeasts, so it is naturally sparkling (pét nat). A 50/50 blend of Yarlington Mill and Michelin apples has been used, with the Yarlington Mill adding juicy fruit and hints of spice. The apples are all handpicked and unsprayed, and the cider is unpasteurised and unfiltered. 6.0% abv. 

Awarded Bronze at the IWSC 2023 'Pure apple note with a hint of bitter orange. Palate is structured and rich.'

Featured in the Oct 2023 edition of The Observer’s Food Monthly magazine. The Ciderologist, Gabe Cook, awarded it 4 stars out of 5 in a blind tasting, commenting: 'Nice mousse, nice bubbles. Gosh; spice, clove, leather on the nose – big, tannic, western counties cider. Tongue-rasping astringency – a real textural beast, just lacking a touch of softness. Great! It’s for anybody into orange wine.'

The ancient method of keeving is a way to produce a naturally sweet Cider or Perry by causing the fermentation to stop early by starving the yeast of its nutrients. This creates a sweeter, lower alcohol product with a lovely fruity character.

Temple Cider is a small-scale craft cider producer in West Dorset, close to the borders of both Devon and Somerset. The cider-making talent behind Temple Cider is Paul, ably assisted by Jo and their three rescue dogs. They strive to make the type of ciders that they love to drink, real, full-juice ciders that are clean, refreshing and interesting. 


Allergen Information

Vegan, Gluten Free

Dietary Information

May contain naturally occurring sulphites

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