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Pet Nat 2021

Pet Nat 2021

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750ml bottle
Item Description:

Full juice, wild fermented, dry cider, no added sulphites, fermented in barrel. A naturally sparkling dry cider made from a blend of bittersweet Harry Masters Jersey and a mixture of Cornish bitter sharps. Fermented in ex-chardonnay barrels and bottled before the end of fermentation for a natural sparkle. Big juicy citrus fruits alongside leathery full bodied tannins.

A great cider for pairing with food, in particular with anchovies, olives, cheese and cured meats. It's also delicious with seafood and works really well with canapes.  

Ripe Cider make full juice, wild fermented cider in Cornwall, following the same principles as natural wine. It's just apples and naturally occurring yeast, hand-picked, hand washed and fermented in ex-wine barrels. This involves minimum intervention requiring no chemical additions and minimal energy inputs. It means working with the seasons and their natural temperature fluctuations, having a long slow fermentation to create complex flavours and aromas. Cameron and Georgie brought their experience with them to Cornwall - Cameron as Head Brewer at Brixton Brewery and Georgie in sustainability recruitment- and discovered the benefit orchards have on a healthy ecosystem and their importance in building resilience against climate change. This led to combining their passion for protecting essential, yet now endangered orchards, with their expertise to create a delicious low-impact drink. The orchards they manage are chemical-free, and the pasture is mob grazed by their flock of Shropshire sheep. 


Allergen Information

May contain naturally occurring sulphites

Dietary Information

Vegan, Gluten Free

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