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Somerset Breakfast Cider

Somerset Breakfast Cider

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under 1.2%
330ml bottle
Item Description:

This is made from a blend of apples, with a high proportion of eating apples in there. The juice is allowed to start to naturally ferment but only a little before pasteurisation in order to halt the process. After pasteurisation the juice retains a trace of alcohol, and in reality much less than the under 1.2% on the label. And it is great with breakfast, or just simply as a low alcohol alternative to cider. This is the same juice as in the Orchard Brue Low Alcohol Apple Juice in 750ml bottles.

Dowding's is run by Oliver and Jane. Oliver was born into a farming family where they are based and manages the farm under organic standards. The ciders ae not labelled organic, though effectively they are.


Allergen Information

May contain naturally occurring sulphites

Dietary Information

Vegan, Gluten Free

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