• Smith & Evans 2015 Sparkling

    Smith & Evans

    2015 Sparkling

    An award winning bubbly made from a traditional blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes by Smith and Evans Wine Makers. This gorgeous elegant Sparkling Wine has a silky texture, fresh ripe citrus flavours and a long finish...
    Price: £29.50
  • Find and Foster Cider Appellation 2019

    Find and Foster Cider

    Appellation 2019

    A harmonious & balanced cider made from a variety of hand picked apples from the 2019 harvest, from orchards fostered by makers Polly & Mat in the Exe Valley, Devon. The apples were blended together to enhance the quality of the individual parts;...
    Price: £19.50
  • Gould Perry Catillac and Calabasse Perry 2019

    Gould Ciders & Perries

    Catillac & Calabasse Bosc Perry 2019

    This light, bright and refreshing perry was created by true masters of the craft. The pears are picked, aged in crates, milled, and left in barrels for 24 hours before pressing. This outstanding perry is the perfect accompaniment to every course from...
    Price: £15.00
  • Worleys Special Reserve Keeved Cider

    Worleys Cider

    Special Reserve Keeved Cider

    Worleys Special Reserve is made from 100% pure cider apple juice using the ancient art of keeving. This creates a naturally lightly sparkling cider of outstanding fruity character with subtle undertones of caramel. It has sweetness and rounded tannins...
    Price: £8.50
  • Pilton Cider Tamoshanta

    Pilton Cider


    Tamoshanta is a Somerset fruity and medium sweet keeved cider from Pilton, partially fermented in oak barrels. Keeving and initial fermentation takes place in large vats but on Burns Night the young cider is transferred to Scotch whisky barrels to finish...
    Price: £9.00
  • Bollhayes Cider Bollhayes 2017

    Bollhayes Cider

    Bollhayes 2017

    This 2017 traditional method fine cider from Bollhayes Cider is burnished gold with orange tint in appearance with an apple, nut and hot buttered toast aroma. The flavour is well-balanced sharps and light tannins that play long on the palate, with fine...
    Price: £14.50
  • Bollhayes Cider Bollhayes Perry 2017

    Bollhayes Cider

    Bollhayes Perry 2017

    This traditional method perry from Bollhayes Cider is made with pears from their own orchard. White gold with fine bubbles in appearance with a caramelised pear and fresh sawn ash aroma. It tastes just like how you remember pear drops tasting, delicate...
    Price: £14.50
  • Yonder Brewing Trunk of Funk 2019

    Yonder Brewing

    Trunk of Funk 2019

    Trunk of Funk from Yonder is an annual celebration of the seasons. Each autumn, they brew a strong, dark ale on to foraged fruits and age in freshly emptied red wine barrels, where their famous house cultures work their sour magic. 12 months later they...
    Price: £19.50
  • Woodman‚Äôs Wild Ale Queen

    Woodmans Wild Ale


    This is a Weizenbock from Woodmans Wild Ale. Brewed with apples, Queenie is named after a Cornish apple variety. Its a full-bodied and dangerously drinkable beer. Woodmans Wild Ale make craft beer with a wild twist. They are a Cornish microbrewery...
    Price: £8.00
  • Woodman‚Äôs Wild Ale Mermaid Kiss

    Woodmans Wild Ale

    Mermaids Kiss

    Mermaid's Kiss from Woodmans Wild Ale is a gose-style beer brewed with Cornish sea salt, sea arrowgrass and beach rose petals. Woodmans Wild Ale make craft beer with a wild twist. They are a Cornish microbrewery incorporating foraged and wild ingredients...
    Price: £8.00
  • Wild Beer Ninkasi

    Wild Beer


    Ninkasi has long been a favourite at Wild Beer due to its versatility of flavours that work so beautifully with food. This brew takes this further by bringing in some acidity to balance with the rich saison character and is blended in Wild Beer’s...
    Price: £9.50
  • Wilding Cider Reasons To Be Cheerful

    Wilding Cider

    Reasons To Be Cheerful

    A blend of rich late harvested fruit, pressed in December 2019. Great to drink with food or without, but perfect when you need a reason to be cheerful. Aromas of tropical fruit are kept in balance with good tannic structure and gentle acidity. Wilding...
    Price: £13.00

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