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50cl bottle
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From the Somerset Cider Brandy Company, the origins of this brandy's name is as interesting as its complex flavours. In 2007, en-route to South Africa, the MSC Napoli was beached off Devon. Its cargo included new, empty Allier oak barrels destined for The Cape's finest vineyards. Some of the shipwrecked barrels found their way to the Somerset Cider Brandy Company, having been protected from the sea by being packed among bibles written in Zulu. Maturing their brandy in these barrels gives a sophisticated finish worthy of single cask bottling. They now buy new barrels from the same cooperage. The finely grained new Allier oak is what creates the distinctive smoked, oaky taste of Shipwreck. For over thirty years Julian Temperley and The Somerset Cider Brandy Company have been reviving the ancient art of Cider Brandy production in the UK. Somerset Cider Brandy is currently the only English Spirit to be protected by a PGI.


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